Macro Lenses-Part 1

Macro lenses are special lenses designed for close-up works with insects or small objects. Their specialized optics allow them to focus down to very close distances at magnifications usually up to 1:1, or 100% life-size, without requiring any other equipment. 1:2 would be 50% life-size; 1.5:1 would be 150% life-size, etc. Some macro lenses, like the Canon MP-E 65 mm f/2.8, can achieve even better magnification, up to 5:1 macro, Make bringing the structure of small insect eyes, snowflakes, and tiny objects into striking focus, possible .Insect will often frightened away at ES-F 60 f/2.8 Macro Lens 9 cm1:1 working distance particularly Butterflies, Moths and Dragonflies.