Laboratory management services

Laboratory management services are fundamental to running your organization. Ownership of the laboratory does not have to be.
Intertek may be the global world leader inside providing laboratory outsourcing solutions and solutions, from submitted samples screening projects, analytical tasks to full lab acquisition and outsourcing. Intertek works together with clients to effectively outsource analytical testing solutions and laboratories.
The worldwide Intertek laboratory networking provides technical testing expertise and capabilities to meet up the extensive research, quality manage and analytical testing needs for an array of industries. Intertek's worldwide expertise brings performance, monetary, productivity and quality advantages to the client, their company and their employees.
Why Outsource Laboratory Solutions:
Dedicated in-house laboratories offer essential services, but like labs might not provide particular test capabilities. On a strategic degree, in-house laboratories might be expensive to use are under-utilized. Outsourcing the lab function reduces overhead and working costs while the ongoing company continues to reap the benefits of needed laboratory services.
Laboratory Outsourcing Benefits:
Lab outsourcing allows an ongoing company along with other institutions to industry higher fixed-expenses for lower variable-costs, reducing the necessity for capital expense and allowing access immediately to world-class analytical capabilities and expertise on brief notice, using laboratory solutions only when needed.
Companies and governments across the global world outsource whole labs to Intertek. Financial and performance advantages are acquired from these laboratory outsource projects. Quality Control, Product and research Development solutions are improved. Laboratory staff take advantage of the lab's commercialization and get global career possibilities within Intertek.
Proven Record of Achievement:
Intertek includes a proven international track-report of successful laboratory outsourcing projects for businesses and governments in an array of sectors, providing diverse laboratory solutions. Industries that outsource laboratory functions to Intertek consist of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, nutrients, consumer product businesses and national government organizations. Intertek provides devoted laboratory outsourcing task teams, made up of experienced experts in laboratory outsourcing and effectively running critical analytical screening services. To examine recent laboratory outsourcing tasks, visit types of laboratory outsourcing.